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Getting Paid on Time

October 3, 2013

If we don’t get paid, we go out of business. So with more debtors delaying payment in these tough times, taking action to collect money should be a top priority for small companies. Few small businesses can afford to turn customers away, but you didn’t start your business to provide a free credit service to …
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Reducing Marketing Costs While Gaining Exposure

February 13, 2012

  For many business owners it can be a difficult exercise to identify the most effective marketing strategies that gains exposure while minimizing the required investment.. Taking advantage of free marketing ought to be a given. Social media is proving to be a lasting trend that not only reaches far beyond the regular scope of …
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Planning to Improve Your Profitability

February 3, 2012

  We often say “what you measure you can manage” and “what gets managed gets done”. When it comes to achieving greater profitability, truer words cannot be found. The fourth way of growing a firm, which is improving the effectiveness of the things that you do, is a vital part of assisting you to better …
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Business Travel on a Budget

July 18, 2011

Business travel can quickly become a financial black hole. It’s worthwhile developing a formula for keeping costs as low as practicable without compromising on comfort. The two areas responsible for the majority of cost blowouts: hotels and airfares, can both be minimized with a little effort. 1. Hotel Rooms Hotels advertise their rooms at a …
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