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Power of Video Marketing

August 22, 2013

The Power of Video Marketing Television commercials are considered the most effective advertising method – thus the high price of running one. This is not just because a lot of people watch TV – the medium itself engages more senses than radio or print and can make a greater impact on viewers. The internet has …
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Exploring Ecommerce

March 19, 2013

Electronic commerce, more commonly known as ecommerce, refers to the online interaction between consumer and business. It is the simple buying and selling of services or products – the bricks and mortar of any business. In today’s fast moving world small businesses are feeling pressured into taking the e-commerce plunge with the suggestion of dire …
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Hints to Better Manage Your CRM System

September 24, 2012

        Customer-driven applications have been in existence for years. Successful businesses have always utilized the principles of which Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems now formalize. As CRM’s become more available allowing smaller businesses to benefit from these powerful solutions, many potential problems are being widely overlooked. Firstly the CRM application is an …
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Extending Your Reach: eMarketing

August 13, 2012

eMarketing should form an integral part of almost any firms’ marketing strategy. It’s very useful for start-up or small businesses because it can be relatively inexpensive. As with all marketing strategies, the ultimate goals should include: Generate and identify new leads Enhance your brand and create a recognizable and lasting identity Retain clients and foster …
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Getting Your Head into the Clouds

February 20, 2012

  It can be a Catch-22 on whether economic, technological and management trends are good for small business or not. They certainly require an investment in time and money to keep abreast of the never-ending developments. However, to ignore them is to provide your competitors with the opportunity to grow their businesses at your expense. …
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Roaming without Ruination – Skype

November 15, 2011

Running a successful business means learning how to do things better, faster and cheaper than the competition. Today, that sort of dedication requires consistency, whenever and wherever you are. The ‘9-5’ workday is no longer an acceptable frame of mind, as we are conducting business on the go, twenty four seven. One of the strongest …
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Don’t Forget to Take Your Tablets

November 8, 2011

Think of it like maintaining a healthy lifestyle – a daily dose of vitamins helps keep things running smoothly. Keeping up with the ever-changing technology that affects your business life is a must. Staying abreast of the newest wave can give you the perpetual edge in competitive times. Today’s daily dose includes the digestion of …
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A Website That Works

October 13, 2011

Small business owners often find themselves discouraged with their websites and their inability to attract a large amount of clientele. There are two main things to remember when creating your website: to attract and engage. Without both of these features working for you, your site will not be working to your advantage. When it comes …
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Smartphones Ring in the Change

September 12, 2011

By now it would be virtually impossible not to have had a close up and personal encounter with the mobile giant: the smartphone. Services for tracking mentions of a firm or personal name are available for many social media sites. Tweetbeep monitors Twitter and will tell you when a customer has had a good or …
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The Modern Way to Use Mobile Phones

July 5, 2011

A mobile phone is a powerful device these days. More than just taking and receiving phone calls and text messages, a mobile phone can run your calendar, receive and send emails, browse the internet and play movies and music. And these are just some of the more basic functions. Some people love this idea; and …
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